High-performance CNC laser cutting machine for industrial use in Australia

Laser Cutting Machine


The Baykal BLE PRO laser cutting machine series stands at the forefront of fibre laser technology. With its compact footprint and unmatched cut quality, the BLE PRO range of laser cutters will elevate your workshop's capabilities.

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The BLE Pro industrial

Laser machine

The BLE Pro series represents a leap forward in laser machine technology, designed to meet the exacting standards of modern manufacturing. Its blend of efficiency, precision, and versatility make it a valuable addition to any workshop, ensuring your business stays ahead in a competitive market.

Durable CNC laser cutter available for sale
Streamlined efficiency

The BLE Pro series exemplifies streamlined efficiency, explicitly designed to maximise the utility of valuable workshop space. This laser-cutting machine is the ideal solution for workshops that demand industrial-grade capabilities yet are constrained by limited floor space.

It can be equipped with an optional automatic shuttle table and a dual pallet changer. This feature facilitates continuous cutting operations while significantly enhancing safety protocols, ensuring uninterrupted and secure workflow.

At the heart of its user-friendly interface is an 18.5-inch Beckhoff touchscreen CNC controller. This advanced controller is paired with the flexible and intuitive Lantek software, simplifying the operation process.

Precision CNC laser machine for heavy-duty cutting tasks
Precise industrial cutting

At the heart of the BLE Pro series is its capability for advanced precision cutting, incorporation of elite components such as the Precitec ProCutter 2.0 cutting head and high-torque Beckhoff servo motors.

These elements come together to deliver unparalleled cut quality and reliability. The foundation of this exceptional performance is its welded steel frame construction, meticulously engineered to minimise deformation from high acceleration, maintaining the machine's accuracy.

Additionally, the BLE Pro has innovative features like automatic sheet edge detection and nozzle cleaning systems. These functionalities streamline the cutting process and significantly reduce manual intervention, leading to a more seamless operation.

Innovative auto nozzle changer on CNC laser machine

Laser machine for sale

Cutting-edge engineering is central to the BLE Pro series, which features a world-leading IPG fibre laser source for enhanced performance, quick acceleration, and accurate positioning. This amazing laser cutting machine for sale features cutting lens calibration (CLC) and automatic gas selection elevate efficiency and cut quality. The series also emphasises safety with light guard protection and a broad viewing window.

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CNC Laser Cutter


The BLE Pro CNC Laser Cutter combines a sleek design with high-tech features such as the Precitec ProCutter 2.0 and Beckhoff servo motors for unmatched cut quality and dependability across various materials, including stainless steel and aluminium.

This series is tailored for precision and efficiency in every task. Its robust construction, cutting-edge features, and versatile performance are crafted to satisfy the stringent requirements of contemporary manufacturing.

NOTE: There are significant differences between the BLE-Pro and the BLS-Pro models. To make it easier to distinguish, please click the link for our Laser cutters  comparison chart.

1.5 m to 2 m table widths
3 m to 6 m table lengths
1 to 6 kW Cutting Heads
1.5 to 1.8 G acceleration
Professional Software
Wide accessory range
BLE-Pro: Table Specs
work envELOPE
1524 X 3048 mm
2032 X 4064 mm
2032 X 6096 mm
CNC Control Unit:
Beckhoff CNC (18.5 "TFT - Windows 10)
Motors / Drivers:
Rapid Traverse:
95 m/min
115 m/min
115 m/min
Vector Speed:
135 m/min
145 m/min
145 m/min
1.5 G (15 m/s2)
1.8 G (18 m/s2)
1.8 G (18 m/s2)
Abs. Pos. Accuracy:
±0.03 mm
±0.05 mm
Feed Rate:
Programmable up to 50 m/min
Transfer Table:
Motorised - Automatic Exchange
Nesting Software:
LANTEK Expert Cut II or Metalix AutoNest PRO
Nozzle Clean/Calib.
Fume Extractor:
BLE-Pro: Laser Specs
Laser Power:
1 kW to 6kW
Cutting Head (Standard):
Precitec LightCutter (Auto focus)
Cutting Head (Optional):
Precitec ProCutter
Focusing Lenses:
150 mm
BLE-Pro: Cutting Capacities (mm)
Material | Pwr:
Mild Steel:

Lazer Cutter

BLE Pro: Advanced Features

The Baykal BLE PRO Series is meticulously designed to meet the rigorous requirements of modern manufacturing. This highly advanced lazer cutter is versatile enough to effortlessly handle a diverse array of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and more.

Its advanced construction and state-of-the-art features position it as a critical asset for any production setting, ensuring peak productivity within a minimal footprint.


CNC Laser Machine Cutting Head

Laser cutting head
Precitec ProCutter laser cutting head

Experience precision with the Precitec ProCutter 2.0 laser machine cutting head, capable of up to 60 kW of laser power.

With a design optimised for speed and accuracy, the ProCutter 2.0 features manual or motorised focal length adjustment of the laser beam via the machine controller, precise distance measurements at any operating temperatures, and incorporates other benefits that elevates cutting to new heights.

CNC laser machine cutting head profile shot

Laser Cutting Machine Software

Laser Cutting Software
Laser Nesting Software

Maximise efficiency with LANTEK's advanced nesting software. This platform optimises material utilisation, minimises waste, and streamlines operations. FlowMaster's user-friendly software allows operators to load new jobs and drawings quickly so that they spend more time cutting, not programming.

User-friendly laser machine software interface

CNC Laser Machine Booth CCTV

Cutting Booth CCTV
Laser Cutting Booth CCTV

Keep an eye on your cutting operations with the interior camera system. Offering real-time monitoring, this feature ensures operational safety and allows for immediate adjustments, enhancing productivity and ensuring quality control in every cut.

CNC laser machine booth CCTV for enhanced operational safety

Optional CNC Laser Machine Controller

CNC Laser Machine Controller
Quality CNC Controller

At the heart of Baykal's laser cutting systems is the state-of-the-art Beckhoff CNC Controller. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it delivers unmatched precision and speed, simplifying complex cutting tasks and enabling seamless operation for consistently high-quality results.

Detailed view of CNC laser machine controller

Laser Machine Fume Extractor

Laser Machine Fume Extractor
Fume extraction

Ensure a clean and safe working environment with a fume extractor. Designed to remove smoke and particulates generated during laser cutting effectively, it enhances air quality, protects machine operators, and ensures compliance with health and safety standards.

Efficient laser machine fume extractor system

Auto Nozzle Changer

Laser Machine Nozzle Changer
Auto Nozzle Changer

Maintain optimal cutting performance with Baykal's automatic nozzle cleaner. Automatically cleaning and calibrating the cutting nozzle ensures uninterrupted operation, reduces downtime, and extends the life of your laser-cutting equipment.

Maintenance-friendly laser machine auto nozzle cleaner

Laser machine Auto Nozzle Cleaner

Laser Cutting Nozzle Cleaner
Auto Nozzle Cleaner (optional)

Elevate efficiency with the BLE PRO's auto nozzle changer. Engineered for seamless transitions between cutting tasks, it automatically swaps nozzles to match the required cutting specifications, minimising manual intervention and reducing downtime.

Maintenance-friendly laser machine auto nozzle cleaner

Magnetic Safety Lock

Magnetic Safety Lock
Magnetic Safety Lock

Safety is paramount in every operation. The magnetic safety lock system provides an added layer of protection, ensuring that the laser cutting booth is securely sealed during operation, preventing unauthorised access, and safeguarding both operators and equipment.

Secure magnetic safety lock on laser machine
Robust design of CNC laser cutter for optimal performance
BLE PRO benefits at a glance

Designed for modern manufacturing needs, this series stands out in its class for delivering top-tier performance with a compact footprint. It is perfect for businesses aiming to maximise their workshop space without compromising on industrial capabilities. Explore the key benefits that make the BLE Pro series an indispensable asset to your production line.

Streamlined workshop efficiency

The BLE Pro laser cutting machine series is engineered to optimise your workshop’s space and operational flow. Its compact design, optional automatic shuttle table, and dual pallet changer allow continuous cutting without requiring extensive floor space. This makes it ideal for those seeking industrial-grade capabilities within limited areas, ensuring you can undertake projects without constraint.

Enhanced control with a safety focus

At its heart, the BLE Pro series boasts the Precitec ProCutter 2.0 cutting head and high torque Beckhoff servo motors, ensuring each cut is executed with precision and reliability.

The advanced construction minimises machine deformation, maintaining accuracy even under high acceleration. This precision is crucial for industries where even the slightest deviation can affect the quality of the final product.

Accurate and versatile fabrication

The BLE Pro series is designed to meet specific production needs and is equipped with automatic sheet edge detection, nozzle cleaning, and customisable options. Features like cutting lens calibration and automatic gas selection streamline the cutting process, improving efficiency and cut quality. This allows businesses to boost their productivity by reducing setup times and minimising manual interventions.

Safety and versatility

Safety is paramount in any manufacturing environment, and the BLE Pro series addresses this with light guard protection and a broad viewing window. Additionally, its versatility in handling a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to aluminium, makes it a critical asset. Including cutting-edge features like the IPG fibre laser source and CNC controller underscores its capability to adapt to diverse manufacturing demands while ensuring operator safety.

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Embrace the future of industrial laser cutting machine technology by discovering the full potential of the BLE Pro. From its robust design and advanced features to its operational efficiency and versatility, this laser cutting machine is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing.

Download our brochure and pricing guide today to learn more about how the BLE Pro series can transform your manufacturing process. Enhance your production line with precision and efficiency and step into a new era of manufacturing excellence.