Baykal BLS CNC laser cutting machine on display

BLS-Pro: CNC Laser Cutting Machine


The Baykal BLS Pro Series redefines the boundaries of fibre laser cutting with its expansive model range and powerful high-precision options.

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Industrial CNC laser Cutting Machine

Key Features

An industrial CNC laser cutting machine, the BLS Pro series combines superior IPG YLS fibre laser sources with advanced features, such as the Precitec ProCutter auto-focus head and Beckhoff servo motors, for unmatched cut quality and performance.

Enhanced with an intuitive touchscreen controller, automatic edge detection, and nozzle maintenance, this specialised CNC fibre laser cutting machine sets the industry standard for efficiency and operator-friendly laser cutting technology.

Industrial CNC laser cutting machine with Precitec ProCutter head
Comprehensive range

Baykal's BLS Pro series introduces a versatile lineup of fibre laser machines, including the compact BLS Pro 4020, the larger BLS Pro 6020, and the highly customisable BLS ProCUSTOM option. This diversity perfectly matches every production scale, from small, bespoke workshops to large-scale manufacturing environments.

The BLS Pro features power settings ranging from 6kW to 20kW, designed to cater to a wide variety of cutting needs. Whether you require the utmost precision for intricate designs or need to meet high-volume production demands, the series' extensive power spectrum offers outstanding flexibility.

This adaptability makes the BLS Pro models ideal for businesses with detailed precision work and large-scale production runs, providing them with the tools they need to excel in their respective markets.

Customizable BLS CNC laser cutter setup for specialised applications
Operator friendly

Outfitted with superior IPG YLS fibre laser sources, the BLS Pro promises outstanding cut quality and assures the machinery's longevity and dependability.

Incorporating features like the globally acclaimed Precitec ProCutter head, with auto-focus capability, alongside the Beckhoff high-torque servo motors, the BLS Pro is engineered for peak performance.

To further enhance the user experience, the series includes an intuitive touchscreen controller that significantly simplifies the programming process, making it more accessible and less time-consuming for operators.

These operator-friendly features not only streamline the cutting process but also contribute to minimising downtime, thereby optimising productivity and operational efficiency.

Close-up of CNC laser machine cutting heads
Advanced Technology

The BLS Pro is designed for high operational throughput and safety, including a protective viewing window, light guards and magnetic locking.

Options like bevel cutting, enhanced software, parts conveyor and fume extraction systems allow workshops to customise their BLS Pro laser cutting machine to their specific needs, improving utility and safety.

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The BLS Pro series is equipped to deliver precision cutting across a wide range of power options, from 6kW to 20kW. Merging an advanced IPG YLS source with user-centric Beckhoff controls and safety-focused design, the BLS Pro series stands ready to elevate your operational capacity and ensure the safety of your workforce.

NOTE: There are significant differences between the BLE-Pro and the BLS-Pro models. To make it easier to distinguish, please click the link for our Laser cutters  comparison chart.

2m to 3m table widths
4m to 15m table lengths
6 - 20kW Cutting Heads
1.5 to 1.8 G acceleration
Professional Software
Wide accessory range
BLS Pro: Table Specs
Series:BLS Pro
Work Envelope:2000 X 4000 mm | 2000 X 6000 mm (up to 3000 X 15000 mm)
CNC Control Unit:Beckhoff CNC (18.5 "TFT-Windows 10)
Motors / Drivers:Rack and PinionBeckhoff (Rotary Servo)Linear MotionBeckhoff (Linear Servo)Motion SystemWittensteinBosch RexrothRapid Traverse115 m/min150 m/minVector Speed165 m /min215 m/minAcceleration2.2G (22m/s2)3.0 G (30m/s2)Abs. Pos. Accuracy± 0.02 mm± 0.01 mmRepeatability± 0.02 mm± 0.01 mmFeed RateUp to 100 m/minUp to 125 m/min
Transfer Table:Motorised - Automatic Exchange
FUME EXt. / BEVEL CUTting HEAD:Optional
BLS Pro: Laser specs
Laser Power:6 kW to 20kW
Cutting Head (Standard):Precitec ProCutter
Cutting Head (Optional):Precitec ProCutter
Focusing Lenses:150 mm
BLS Pro: Cutting capacities (mm)
Material:6 kW8 kW10 kW12 kW15 kW20 kW
Mild Steel:252530353540
stainless Steel:252530353540
BLS Pro: Advanced Features

The Baykal BLS PRO Series is expertly engineered to cater to the demanding needs of contemporary production environments. It adeptly processes a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to aluminium, demonstrating its outstanding versatility.

Its advanced construction and state-of-the-art features position it as a critical asset for any production setting, ensuring peak productivity within a minimal footprint.


CNC Laser Machine Cutting heads

Cutting head
Precitec ProCutter laser cutting head

The BLS Pro series offers precision, exceptional quality and reliability. Bringing enhanced versatility with focus adjustment for a superior cutting experience across 6kW to 20kW, the world-leading Precitec ProCutter offers maximum productivity thanks to its superior technology, and provides consistent, around-the-clock cut quality even at high power.

side view of a CNC laser machine cutting head

Laser Nesting Software

Nesting Software
Laser Nesting Software

Maximise efficiency with LANTEK's advanced nesting software. This platform optimises material utilisation, minimises waste, and streamlines operations. The software ensures each cut is precise, reducing material loss and improving overall workflow.

Screenshot of laser nesting software interface on CNC machine

Laser Cutting Booth CCTV

Booth CCTV
Laser Cutting Booth CCTV

Maintain vigilance and production control over your cutting operations with the optional integrated camera system. This feature allows real-time monitoring for operational safety, enabling immediate adjustments and ensuring precision and quality.

Laser cutting booth CCTV monitoring in action

CNC Laser Machine  Controller

CNC Controller
Quality CNC Controller

The BLS Pro series has a leading-edge Beckhoff CNC controller, offering an intuitive user interface for unparalleled precision and operational speed. This central control system simplifies complex tasks, ensuring seamless operation and consistently high-quality outputs.

Operator using CNC laser machine controller touchscreen

Optional Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor
Fume extraction

The BLS Pro series ensures a pristine working environment with an optional fume extractor. This system effectively removes airborne particles and fumes generated during cutting, safeguarding air quality and operator health while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Fume extractor system in CNC laser cutting facility

Auto Nozzle Changer

Nozzle Changer
Auto Nozzle Changer

Enhance your BLS Pro laser with Baykal's optional automatic nozzle changer for streamlined operations. This innovative system swiftly adjusts nozzles to match cutting specifications, reducing manual workload and keeping your workflow uninterrupted.

Automatic nozzle changer on industrial laser cutter

Auto Nozzle Cleaner

Nozzle Cleaner
Auto Nozzle Cleaner (optional)

Baykal's BLS Pro has an optional built-in automated nozzle cleaning and calibration feature to help keep your laser in peak condition. This ensures continuous operation, minimises potential downtime, and prolongs the lifespan of your laser-cutting equipment.

A closeup shot of a auto nozzle cleaner

Magnetic Safety Lock

Safety Lock
Magnetic Safety Lock

The BLS Pro series prioritises operator and machine safety with features like the magnetic safety lock, which secures the laser cutting area during operation. This system prevents unauthorised access, ensuring a safe working environment for operators and protection for your equipment.

Magnetic safety lock securing CNC laser cutting area
Detailed view of IPG fibre laser source in BLS series machine
BLS Pro benefits at a glance

Designed for modern manufacturing needs, this series stands out in its class for delivering top-tier performance with a compact footprint. It is perfect for businesses aiming to maximise their workshop space without compromising on industrial capabilities. Explore the key benefits that make the BLS Pro series an indispensable asset to your production line.

Versatile cutting solutions

The BLS Pro  series is engineered to optimise your workshop’s space and operational flow. Its compact design, optional automatic shuttle table, and dual pallet changer allow continuous cutting without requiring extensive floor space.

This makes it ideal for those seeking industrial-grade capabilities within limited areas, ensuring you can undertake projects without constraint.

Enhanced operator experience

The BLS Pro series is synonymous with reliability and high-performance cutting, featuring top-tier IPG YLS fibre laser sources and advanced components like the Precitec ProCutter head and Beckhoff servo motors.

Including a user-friendly touchscreen controller, automatic edge detection, and nozzle maintenance significantly enhances the operator experience. These features streamline the cutting process, reduce manual intervention, and promote operational efficiency, making the BLS PRO series an ideal solution for operators seeking to maximise productivity.

Uncompromising safety standards

Safety is paramount in any manufacturing environment, and the BLS PRO series is designed with this in mind. Incorporating protective viewing windows, light guards, magnetic locking, and optional features like fume extraction systems; the series offers a safe operating experience without compromising performance.

This focus on safety protects operators and ensures compliance with workplace regulations, providing peace of mind to business owners and operators alike.

Operational excellence and reliability

The combination of advanced IPG laser sources, Beckhoff controls, and a safety-focused design ensures that the BLS PRO series delivers operational excellence and reliability.

With additional options like bevel cutting, enhanced software, and parts conveyors, workshops can customise their machines to meet specific needs, improving utility and safety. This adaptability, paired with the series' robust construction, guarantees a reliable, long-term cutting solution for businesses looking to invest in their future.

your BLS pro brochure & pricing guide

The Baykal BLS Pro series is considered the best CNC laser cutting machine for businesses interested in incorporating fibre laser cutting into their production line.

The BLS Pro offers remarkable value and efficiency and enables quality cuts across a diverse array of materials thanks to its premium IPG laser sources and cutting-edge components from Baykal's high-end laser range.

This series emerges as a versatile powerhouse equipped to manage the daily demands of any operation. Explore the full capabilities of the Baykal BLS Pro series and discover how it can elevate your manufacturing processes by downloading our brochure and pricing.