APHE Press Brake equipped with CNC crowning for precise bending

CNC Press brake: APHE


Baykal press brakes are engineered for precision, power, and versatility, ensuring your projects benefit from the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. Download a product sheet to discover more.

Baykal APHE: Press Brake Key Features

Baykal's APHE series sets new standards in metal fabrication, precisely bending everything from steel to aluminium. Combining power with precision, its advanced features ensure efficiency and accuracy for any project.

Hydraulic clamping system on Baykal APHE Press Brake
High-performance bending

The APHE series sets a new standard in high-performance bending, featuring a range of models (APHE 31120, APHE 31160, and APHE 31200) to accommodate varying operational demands with bending forces from 120 to 200 tons.

Each model is designed for optimal efficiency, powered by main motors ranging from 11 to 18.5 kW, and supported by significant oil capacities for seamless operation. The series offers a consistent bending length of 3100 mm across all models, ensuring flexibility in handling various metal fabrication projects with precision.

Baykal APHE CNC Press Brake with advanced safety features
Innovative control & safety

At the forefront of technological innovation, the APHE series boasts advanced control and safety features to enhance productivity and ensure operator safety.

The standard Delem DA-53 Controller provides intuitive and precise control over bending operations.  

With the AKAS II Safety Light and Finger Protection system standard, safety is paramount, and an optional upgrade to the motorized AKAS V system ensures a safe working environment while maintaining operational efficiency.

Multi-axis CNC backgauge for efficient material positioning
Enhanced accuracy & versatility

Featuring CNC crowning as the standard for improved bending accuracy across the length of the bend. The Promecam Clamping system ensures quick and reliable tool changes, enhancing productivity.

Elevate your production capabilities with unparalleled precision, control, and safety. Contact us to discover how the APHE series can transform your operations.


Baykal expertly crafted the APHE Press Brake Series to surpass the exacting standards of contemporary metal fabrication. With the capability to bend a wide range of materials precisely, from robust steel to delicate aluminium, each model in the series epitomises the fusion of power and precision.

Its advanced engineering and innovative features make it an indispensable tool for any fabrication environment, promoting outstanding efficiency and accuracy across every project.

3100mm bending length
120t - 200t bending force
Delem DA 53 controller
Promecam clamping
AKAS safety features
CNC Crowning
APHE: Series comparison
Bend length (mm)
Bend force
Main Motor (kW)
Oil Cap.
Inside frame
opening (mm)
Throat gap
APHE: Advanced Features

The APHE series integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance bending operations. It offers unparalleled precision, safety, and flexibility with features like the Delem DA-53 Controller and optional DA-58 upgrade, AKAS safety systems, CNC crowning, and versatile clamping options.

Optional enhancements such as the Rolleri ROL200 Clamping System and upgraded X Backgauge with R Axis further extend its capabilities, making it a top choice for advanced metal fabrication.



CNC press brake controllers
CNC controllers

The Delem DA-53T offers advanced CNC control for press brakes. The controller features a 10.1" touch screen for up to 4-axis control, facilitating seamless program-to-production transitions with ergonomic navigation.

The DA-53T optimises user interface and functionality for both straightforward tasks and complex operations, making it a modern and versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

Delem DA-66T 3D graphical CNC control on Baykal APHE

Safety features

Advanced press brake safety
Advanced safety features

The APHE series features the AKAS LC II safety system by Fiessler Elektronik as a standard installation, employing a 3D laser field for enhanced operator safety.

The AKAS® 5 system is available as a premium optional upgrade for operations aiming at superior safety and increased productivity. This state-of-the-art system enables quick progression to the clamping point while ensuring exceptional operator safety.

Automatic tool clamping on Baykal APHE CNC Press Brake


CNC crowning

CNC crowning ensures uniform bend angles across the workpiece, which is critical for high-tolerance applications. This enhances the accuracy of bends without manual adjustments and streamlines production by reducing waste and rework, saving time and materials.

Moreover, its adaptability makes the press brake versatile for diverse fabrication tasks, embodying a significant leap in metalworking.

Close-up of CNC crowning system on APHE Press Brake


Dual clamping options

The APHE series features two clamping systems: the standard Promecam Clamping System, known for its compatibility with a wide range of tooling and durability, and the optional Rolleri ROL200 Clamping System, which offers fast, secure tool changes without modifications.

While Promecam excels in traditional reliability and precision, Rolleri introduces efficiency and safety with its innovative design for vertical tool changes, compatible with all Promecam type tangs.

Precise bending of thick steel plate on APHE Press Brake


R-axis backguages

Integrating an R-axis into a press brake's back gauge elevates its capability, allowing for precise adjustments in material height for complex geometries, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and precision.

This upgrade streamlines setups for intricate bends, improves accuracy, and boosts productivity by automating material positioning.

Rear view of Baykal APHE Press Brake showing backgauge
Ergonomic foot pedal control on APHE CNC Press Brake
APHE benefits at a glance

The APHE series is designed to elevate your metal fabrication capabilities. From high-performance bending tailored to diverse project requirements to innovative control and safety features that ensure seamless, safe operation.

The APHE is your solution to meeting the demanding standards of contemporary metalwork, offering efficiency, accuracy, and safety in one comprehensive package.

High-performance bending across operations

The APHE series leads in bending performance with models APHE 31120, APHE 31160, and APHE 31200, meeting diverse operational needs. Engineered for efficiency, with bending forces ranging from 120 to 200 tons and a uniform 3100 mm bending length, it offers versatility and precision for various metal fabrication projects, becoming a critical productivity enhancer for diverse specifications.

Enhanced control with a safety focus

The APHE series blends top-tier control with safety features, focusing on productivity and operator safety. The Delem DA-53 Controller and AKAS II Safety Light and Finger Protection system ensure seamless and safe operation. The AKAS V system upgrade option underscores a commitment to a secure yet efficient work environment.

Accurate and versatile fabrication

Setting standards for accuracy and versatility, the APHE series includes CNC crowning and the Promecam Clamping system. These ensure precise bending and efficient tool changes, enhancing productivity. The optional Rolleri ROL200 Clamping System and X Backgauge with R Axis extension offer greater versatility, enabling precision in complex fabrications.

Streamlined features for modern fabrication

With features like the Delem DA-53T controller, 3D laser safety, and CNC crowning, the APHE series optimises metal fabrication. These technologies automate and refine production, minimising waste and adapting to different materials, providing a comprehensive solution for contemporary fabrication demands.

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The APHE Press Brake series offers precision bending technology for superior metal forming. Perfect for enhancing fabrication with materials like stainless steel and aluminium, it combines state-of-the-art components for robust performance.

Incorporated with state-of-the-art components, the APHE stands out for its robust performance and reliability in demanding environments. Its intuitive control system allows for seamless operation, making it an essential tool for workshops looking to optimise their productivity and product quality. Download our brochure and pricing guide now to further explore its transformative potential for your business.