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Water Jet Cutter: FLow EchoJet


Merging noise-reducing technology with 5-axis precision in a compact design, the EchoJet is a masterpiece of precision. Examine the full potential of EchoJet for your operation - download a product data-sheet today.

Flow Echojet: Waterjet cutter - key features

The Flow EchoJet combines noise reduction and spray containment with precise motion control and performance, enhanced by an optional mobile operator station for peak efficiency and innovation.

CNC waterjet cutter EchoJet cutting metal
5-Axis capable powerhouse

EchoJet redefines the possibilities of waterjet cutting with its 5-axis and bevel-cutting capabilities, allowing for up to 60° of motion across virtually any material.

The EchoJet does not compromise on performance. It can be combined with an optional roll-around operator station for added convenience, making it a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation.

Whether cutting ballistic materials, food, foam, metal, stone, exotic metals, paper materials, or composites, the EchoJet delivers high-quality results with every cut.

Flow EchoJet water jet cutting machine at work
Adaptable & efficient

The EchoJet boasts quick, reliable motion control and dependable repeatability with a linear positional accuracy of ± .064 mm.

Its canted bridge design and easy-close sliding doors ensure total work envelope usage and quick part access. Whether for abrasive or non-abrasive cutting, the EchoJet can be tailored to meet the specific needs of fabrication shops, R&D labs, and more.

Its rapid traverse maximum of 12.7 m/min makes the EchoJet a versatile tool capable of executing intricate designs on a wide range of materials.

Industrial water jet cutter Flow EchoJet in operation
Environmentally safe & sound

The EchoJet is designed to reduce noise significantly and contain spray, making it an ideal solution for R&D labs and training departments.

With integrated side drip trays and work lights for enhanced visibility, the EchoJet prioritises operator efficiency and protection, allowing for more flexible placement within your facility.

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you in exploring how EchoJet can revolutionise your operation. Contact us to discover more.


Engineered by Flow to surpass the expectations of modern fabrication shops, R&D labs, and a myriad of industries seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency, the EchoJet features cutting-edge design and technological prowess.

With its unique combination of compact size, noise-reducing, fully enclosed design, and 5-axis cutting capabilities, the EchoJet elevates operational standards and redefines what's possible in material cutting technology.

4 m to 5 m table widths
8 m to 24 m table length
Vertical axis + bevel cutting
0.1 G Acceleration
FlowMaster software
Rack & pinion motion system
Table Specs
Ideal Applications:
Highly Specialised Operations | Education Sector
Table Style:
Fully Integrated Gantry
1300 x 1300
TBL. Wt. RATING (kg/sqm):
3 Axis Vertical (Paser 4) | Pure Waterjet
LInear POS. ACC. (mm/m):
RAPID TRAV. MAX (m/min):
Rack & Pinion
Table Country of Manufacture:
South Korea
Pump Specs
Pump Options:
Hyplex direct drive (55,000psi)
Motojet 30 intensifier (60,000psi)
Motojet 50 intensifier (60,000psi)
Hyperjet intensifier (87,000psi)
Pump Country of Manufacture:
Pressure hopper:
Optional Extras:
FLow expert 3d software:
Echojet: Advanced features

The EchoJet comes loaded with a wide selection of advanced capabilities, including both optional upgrades and essential standard features. Designed to be easily integrated into your daily operations, it stands as a reliable workhorse, delivering outstanding efficiency and value.


Waterjet Pumps

Waterjet Pumps
Waterjet Pumps

Explore the EchoJet's tailored range of water jet pumps, from the energy-efficient Hyplex direct drive at 55,000 psi to the to the 60,000psi Motojet 30 and Motojet 50 intensifier pumps. Each pump is designed for optimal performance and precision, ensuring your cutting projects are executed flawlessly.

EchoJet water jet cutter equipped with HyPlex® Prime pump
Hyplex Prime HP Pump

The Hyplex Prime pump excels as a sturdy and efficient choice, providing top-notch cutting efficiency while minimising energy use in challenging environments.

It is enhanced with sophisticated seal technology and pressure regulation, extending the lifespan of high-pressure tubing and seals. Additionally, it ensures straightforward maintenance and superior noise reduction, making it an ideal solution.

The Hyplex’s direct drive delivers superior ratio of input energy to cutting output.

EchoJet water jet cutter equipped with Motojet pump
NEW Motojet HP Pump

Motojet intensifier pumps, tailored for pure and abrasive waterjet cutting, set the standard for reliability, offering consistent, dependable pressure for operations of any scale, day and night.

They streamline production and are equipped with an advanced diagnostics system for real-time performance insights. Features such as electronic pressure control, integrated safety features, and Waterjet Connect™ for remote supervision work together to boost productivity and safety. Moreover, their design is focused on ease of maintenance and operational efficiency, ensuring smooth running.

Key Specs: 60,000psi | 2.33 l/min | ≤80 dBA


Waterjet Software

Waterjet Software
FlowMaster 8 Software

FlowMaster software offers a customisable suite to cater to your unique cutting requirements, boosting productivity through its intuitive interface.

It lets operators quickly upload jobs and schematics, prioritising cutting operations over time-consuming programming tasks. This software powers the Flow Echojet, guaranteeing that components are cut precisely and efficiently.

Flow EchoJet compact water jet cutter software

Abrasive Feed System

Abrasive Feed System
Paser CF900 Abrasive Delivery

The PASER CF900 delivers non-stop waterjet cutting, featuring the capability for in-process abrasive replenishment, ideal for extended cutting tasks. Its ability to maintain continuous operation while refilling and a 425kg capacity outperform conventional systems, enhancing workshop productivity.

This system employs a dual-chamber design for effective abrasive movement, controlled by a PLC that tracks levels with both visual and auditory warnings, guaranteeing a steady garnet flow for uninterrupted cutting.

Waterjet abrasive feed hopper for echojet

Cutting Head

Cutting Head
PASER 4 Cutting Head

Setting new standards, the PASER 4 Cutting Head combines unmatched cutting speeds with reduced operating costs. Its advanced orifice design extends component life by 3–6 times compared to previous models and competing cutting heads, significantly reducing maintenance frequency and inventory costs.

CNC waterjet cutter EchoJet in a fabrication shop

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller
Industrial Chiller

To ensure uninterrupted productivity, we recommend the inclusion of an industrial chiller. Designed to prevent prevent the pump from overheating during continuous use or warm weather, a chiller is essential for continuous operation of your waterjet without disruptions.

Flow echojet waterjet industrial chiller


Ultra Pierce™ Vacuum Assist (Opt.)

Flow's UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist technology enables reliable piercing of brittle and laminated materials, preventing craters, cracks, or breaks in sensitive materials like porcelain, graphite, marble, stone, glass, and composites during piercing.

Industrial water jet cutter EchoJet with high precision

Control Console

Control Console
Integrated Console

Enjoy workspace flexibility in and around the Flow Echojet with its fully integrated approach. Operator friendly, the system includes an integrated swivel console, featuring a 17” screen. This console ensures that control is always within reach.

Flow EchoJet water jet cutting machine in a compact design
CNC waterjet cutter EchoJet with easy-close sliding doors
Benefits at a glance

These benefits highlight EchoJet's unique value, emphasising its innovative design, compactness, flexibility, efficiency, and precision. Such features make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to enhance their cutting capabilities with a versatile, reliable, and operator-friendly waterjet cutting solution.

Innovative, fully enclosed design

The EchoJet stands out with its unique, fully enclosed configuration. This design significantly reduces noise and mess, incorporating side drip trays to manage spray and a work light to enhance visibility. This thoughtful engineering ensures a cleaner, quieter operation, making the EchoJet suitable for various environments.

Compact and easy to install

The EchoJet's compact footprint, complete with built-in forklift pockets, minimises the space required on the shop floor. Its design saves valuable floor space and simplifies installation and relocation processes. This feature is particularly beneficial for facilities with limited space.

Operator-focused flexibility and efficiency

Designed with the operator's needs in mind, the EchoJet includes a canted bridge for total work envelope usage and easy-close sliding doors for straightforward part access. Its ability to be configured with various pumps and cutting heads allows it to meet diverse operational needs, making it a versatile addition to any workshop.

Precision and reliability for various applications

The EchoJet is engineered for precise and reliable cutting, featuring quick and accurate motions with dependable repeatability. This level of precision makes it an ideal choice for fabrication shops, R&D labs, and a wide range of industries requiring consistent, high-quality cutting results.

Happy Echojet Customers

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Your service is brilliant - the way you bend over backwards to help us...just wish our other suppliers were the same!

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A water jet cutting machine in a compact design
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The EchoJet presents an ideal choice for enterprises aiming to incorporate waterjet cutting into their operations. Renowned for its unparalleled efficiency and value, the EchoJet delivers superior cuts across various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, plastics, cement sheets, and mild steel.

Featuring premium core components from Flow's distinguished range of waterjet cutters, the EchoJet emerges as a reliable powerhouse capable of supporting the daily demands of any business. Consider downloading our detailed brochure and pricing guide to understand EchoJet's capabilities and how it can improve operational efficiency.