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The Flow Mach 100 is an industrial waterjet cutter that embodies efficiency and superior performance.

The ideal solution for operations seeking to incorporate the adaptability of waterjets into their workflow, it offers a blend of high-quality features and practical functionality. Download the brochure and pricing guide for our range of waterjet machines, including the Flow Mach 100 water jet cutter.

Waterjet Cutter

Mach 100 Features

The Mach 100 waterjet cutting machine is a versatile workhorse designed for day-to-day operations. It offers exceptional value and efficiency.

Flow Mach 100 water jet cutter for sale in Australia
Remarkable versatility

The Flow Mach 100 is a reliable workhorse that handles various cutting applications with precision and ease. It is an exceptionally versatile tool for businesses aiming to boost production.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with intricate patterns or the most complex materials; the Mach 100 easily tackles every job. For big jobs or quick fixes, this tool will help streamline your workflow and take the hassle out of challenging tasks.

The Flow Mach 100 is designed to make your workday run smoother so you can focus on getting more done.

Best water jet cutter Mach 100 cutting through ceramic
Precision motion system

Precision matters in your line of work, and the Mach 100 meets the mark every single time. It's kitted out with technology that takes the guesswork out of precise cuts.

Featuring an industry-leading, high-end ball screw and digital drive system, the Mach 100 Waterjet Cutter offers premium accuracy in industrial cutting, providing consistent, accurate results across all your projects – because you can't afford mistakes.

Suitable for intricate and detailed work with delicate materials, the Mach 100 keeps things precise without breaking a sweat, ensuring that every cut is as needed.

Industrial water jet cutter Mach 100 setup in factory
Advanced technology

The Flow Mach 100 has advanced features like the Flow Paser® 4 cutting head and UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist. These attributes enable you to cut through tough materials efficiently, ensuring clean cuts and reducing wastage to a minimum.

Get the job done with a machine that's as hardworking as you are. Our experts, who 'speak waterjet', will happily help you find the most appropriate machine for your needs.


The Flow Mach 100 is a versatile industrial waterjet system renowned for delivering exceptional performance and efficiency.

Capable of cutting materials like stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, plastics, cement sheets, or mild steel, the Mach 100 stands as a robust and adaptable tool. Its versatility makes it an outstanding choice for incorporating into your workflow.

1.3 m to 2 m table widths
1.3 m to 4 m table lengths
Vertical axis cutting
0.05 G acceleration
FlowMaster software
Ball screw motion system
Table Specs
Ideal Applications:
Metal Fabrication | Rubber | Plastics | Cement Sheet | Glass
Table Style:
1300 x  1300 | 3100 x 2000 | 4000 x 2000
TBL. Wt. RATING (kg/sqm):
Pure  Waterjet | 3 Axis (Vertical Cutting) | Paser 4
LInear POS. ACC. (mm/m):
RAPID TRAV. MAX (m/min):
Ball screw
Table Country of Manufacture:
Pump Specs
Pump Options:
Hyplex direct drive (55,000psi)
30SA  intensifier (60,000psi)
Motojet 30 intensifier (60,000psi)
Motojet 50 intensifier (60,000psi)
Pump Country of Manufacture:
Pressure hopper:
Abrafeed 170
Optional Extras:
UltraPierce Vacuum Assist
FLow expert 3d software:
Mach 100: Advanced Features

The Mach 100 is a robust and adaptable machine crafted for regular use. It provides outstanding efficiency and value and comes with a suite of advanced features, including a selection of optional upgrades and essential standard components.


Waterjet Pumps

Waterjet Pumps
Waterjet Pumps

Explore the Mach 100’s tailored range of water jet pumps, from the energy-efficient Hyplex direct drive at 55,000 psi to the UltraLife 30SA, Motojet 30, and Motojet 50 intensifiers, all at 60,000 psi. Each pump is designed for optimal performance and precision, ensuring your cutting projects are executed flawlessly.

Mach 100 water jet cutter operating on thick steel
Hyplex Prime HP Pump

The Hyplex Prime pump is a robust and efficient solution, delivering exceptional cutting performance with reduced power consumption in demanding settings.

It combines a fixed-speed pump design, advanced seal technology, and pressure control for prolonged high-pressure tubing and seal life, easy maintenance, and optimal noise management.

Key Specs: 22 kW | 55,000psi | 3.2 L/min | 84-86 dBA

Water jet cutter Mach 100 available for sale
30SA High Pressure Pump

The Flow UltraLife 30SA pump, with its Siemens 30HP IE2 high-efficiency electric motor, is the dependable powerhouse behind the Mach 100, delivering a steady 60,000psi at 2.3 litres per minute.

Designed for versatility, it features dual pressure functionality perfect for cutting brittle materials like glass and composites, enhanced by Flow's renowned intensifier technology and modern ceramic piston plungers for reliability and ease of maintenance.

Key Specs: 60,000psi | 2.3 L/min | Approx. 80 dBA

Water jet cutter Mach 100 motojet pump
Motojet 30 | 50

The Motojet intensifier pump, designed for both pure and abrasive waterjet cutting, is the benchmark in reliability for high-production settings. It ensures dependable ultra-high pressure for operations of any size around the clock.

Its advanced diagnostics system provides continuous performance feedback, optimising production time. Features like electronic pressure control, built-in safety mechanisms, and Waterjet Connect™ for remote monitoring combine to enhance efficiency and safety, all within a design that simplifies maintenance and maximises operational smoothness.

Key Specs: 60,000psi | 2.33 L/min | ≤80 dBA


Waterjet Software

Waterjet Software
FlowXpert Software

FlowMaster Software provides a suite tailored to meet your specific cutting needs. Its user-friendly interface enhances efficiency. With the software, operators can swiftly load jobs and drawings, maximising cutting time over programming.

This software is the driving force behind the Mach 100, ensuring parts are cut efficiently and effortlessly.

Close-up of Mach 100 water jet cutter software

Abrasive Feed System

Abrasive Feed System
Abrafeed 170 Pressure Hopper

The Flow Abrafeed 170 abrasive feed system ensures a consistent supply of garnet abrasive for the cutting process. Equipped with level sensors and an alarm, it alerts operators to refill the hopper when garnet levels are low, maintaining uninterrupted cutting operations.

Close-up of Mach 100 water jet cutter paser abrasive hopper

Cutting Head

Cutting Head
PASER 4 Cutting Head

Setting new standards, the PASER 4 Cutting Head combines unmatched cutting speeds with reduced operating costs. Its advanced orifice design extends component life by 3–6 times compared to previous models and competing cutting heads, significantly reducing maintenance frequency and inventory costs.

Mach 100 water jet cutter operating on thick steel

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller

To ensure uninterrupted productivity, we recommend the inclusion of an industrial chiller. A chiller is essential for the continuous operation of your waterjet without disruptions; it is designed to prevent the pump from overheating during constant use or warm weather.

Water jet cutter Mach 100 industrial chiller


Ultra Pierce™ Vacuum Assist (Opt.)

Flow's UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist technology enables reliable piercing of brittle and laminated materials.

During piercing, this technology prevents craters, cracks, or breaks in sensitive materials like marble, stone, glass, and composites.

Precision cutting with Flow Mach 100 water jet cutter

Sludge Removal

Sludge Removal
Abrasive Sludge Removal System (Opt.)

The Abrasive Sludge Removal System (ASR) streamlines the removal of garnet waste from your waterjet tank, avoiding production halts for tank cleaning. This system keeps your waterjet bath cleaner and enhances the overall performance of your equipment.

Flow Mach 100 water jet cutter in a workshop setting

Control Console

Control Console
Roll Around Console

The Mach 100’s roll-around console features a 15” screen to enhance your workspace flexibility. This console lets you move around your waterjet as needed, ensuring control is always within reach.

Water jet cutter Mach 100 cutting aluminium sheets
Industrial water jet cutter Mach 100 in use
Benefits at a glance

These benefits highlight the Mach 100's role in supporting businesses to achieve high-quality production outcomes, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Precision cutting technology

The Mach 100 is equipped with high-precision cutting technology, making it ideal for industries where accuracy is paramount, such as aerospace and automotive. This precision enables businesses to produce complex parts with tight tolerances, enhancing product quality.

Operational efficiency

With features designed for easy use and maintenance, including a programmable Z-axis and a roll-around control station, the Mach 100 ensures operational efficiency. This is crucial for businesses aiming to optimise their production processes and reduce downtime.

Durability and reliability

Built with a solid construction and designed for long-term use, the Mach 100 offers exceptional durability and reliability. This reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements, offering businesses a lower total cost of ownership.

Versatile cutting capabilities

The ability to cut a wide range of materials, from metals to composites, allows businesses to diversify their product offerings without needing multiple machines. This versatility is essential for companies looking to expand into new markets or adapt to changing customer demands.

Happy Mach 100 Customers

Below is a small sample of some of happy customers that have utilised us to discover, install and provide after sales support.

[Performatec] have been very helpful with their support and maintenance of the machine. Highly recommended!

Stacey (NSW)

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Mach 100 water jet cutter for sale, showcasing versatility
Every year we sit down and analyse what equipment delivers best for our requirements and we conclude every year that our waterjet is the best investment we ever made.

Stone Processor (VIC)

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The Flow Mach 100 is the perfect solution for operations looking to integrate waterjet cutting into their process.

With its exceptional value and efficiency, the Mach 100 offers an effective way to achieve high-quality cuts on various materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, plastics, cement sheets, and mild steel.

With genuine core components from Flow's elite waterjet cutter range, the Mach 100 is a versatile workhorse that can handle day-to-day operations. Download our brochure and pricing guide to learn more about the Mach 100's capabilities and how it can benefit your business.