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FLow MacH 200c


The Mach 200c is considered a groundbreaker in high-precision water jet cutting. Masterfully engineered within a compact machine footprint, the 200c epitomises productivity and efficiency. Download our brochure and pricing details to explore the Mach 200c.

Mach 200c: Waterjet cutter - key features

The Mach 200c unveils a new era in waterjet cutting precision. Designed for exceptional accuracy within a remarkably compact framework, the Mach 200c sets new standards in efficiency and performance.

Compact industrial water jet cutter Mach 200c for sale
Large format compact design

The Mach 200c reimagines manufacturing efficiency by integrating large format cutting capabilities within a notably compact design.

This leading-edge gantry design is crafted by Flow to enhance your cutting area significantly, enabling extensive production capacities without the necessity for a substantial workshop area.

This approach not only optimises space but also facilitates an increase in production capabilities with a 5 axis cutting head that is accurate, practical, and made to withstand rigorous use in harsh environments.

Best water jet cutter Mach 200c cutting through metal
Rapid and accurate

The Mach 200c perfectly merges speed and precision within its ball motion system.

Capable of achieving swift movements up to 12.7 metres per minute, the 200c does not compromise on accuracy, assuring that even the most rapid cuts are executed with sharp, clean lines, precisely adhering to the specified requirements.

This outstanding balance of speed and precision enhances operational efficiency, ensuring high-quality outputs in reduced time frames.

Mach 200c water jet cutter for sale with advanced 5-axis technology
Advanced Technology

Equipped with the Pivot Plus cutting head, the Mach 200c stands at the forefront of multi-axis, taper-compensated mitre cutting technology. Its sturdy high speed wrist design and the ability to achieve 60 degrees of motion offer unmatched cutting versatility.

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The Mach 200c represents cutting-edge technology in industrial waterjet systems, distinguished by its exceptional precision and space-efficient design. Perfectly matched for the needs of a busy stone processing workshop, the 200c can also handle a broad spectrum of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, plastics, and composites.

1.3 m to 2 m table widths
1.3 m to 4 m table lengths
Vertical axis + bevel cutting
0.05 G acceleration
FlowMaster software
Rack & pinion motion system
Table Specs
Ideal Applications:
Metal Fabrication | Stone
Table Style:
1300 x  1300 | 3000 x 2000 | 4000 x 2000
TBL. Wt. RATING (kg/sqm):
5 Axis Bevel (Pivot+) | Dynamic | Pure Waterjet
LInear POS. ACC. (mm/m):
RAPID TRAV. MAX (m/min):
Rack & Pinion
Table Country of Manufacture:
South Korea
Pump Specs
Pump Options:
Hyplex direct drive (55,000psi)
Motojet 30 intensifier (60,000psi)
Motojet 50 intensifier (60,000psi)
Pump Country of Manufacture:
Pressure hopper:
Optional Extras:
UltraPierce Vacuum Assist
FLow expert 3d software:
Mach 200c: Advanced features

The Mach 200c comes fully equipped with an extensive range of advanced features, including optional enhancements and essential standard components. Designed to be an integral part of your workflow, it stands as a reliable and efficient solution, offering exceptional value and performance.


Waterjet Pumps

Waterjet Pumps
Waterjet Pumps

Explore the Mach 200c's tailored range of water jet pumps, from the energy-efficient Hyplex direct drive at 55,000 psi to the to the 60,000psi Motojet 30 and Motojet 50 intensifier pumps. Each pump is designed for optimal performance and precision, ensuring your cutting projects are executed flawlessly.

Precision water jet pump for Mach 200c
Hyplex Prime HP Pump

The Hyplex Prime pump stands out as a robust and efficient solution, delivering exceptional cutting performance with reduced power consumption in demanding settings.

It combines a fixed speed pump design with advanced seal technology and pressure control for prolonged high-pressure tubing and seal life, alongside easy maintenance and optimal noise management.

Key Specs: 55,000psi | 3.2 L/min | 84-86 dBA

high powered 60,000psi water jet pump
Motojet 30 | 50

Motojet intensifier pumps, designed for both pure and abrasive waterjet cutting are the benchmark in reliability for high-production settings, ensuring dependable pressure for operations of any size.

Motojet's advanced diagnostics system provides continuous performance feedback, optimising production time, while features like electronic pressure control, built-in safety mechanisms, and Waterjet Connect™ for remote monitoring combine to enhance both efficiency and safety; all within a design that simplifies maintenance and maximises operational smoothness.

Key Specs: 60,000psi | 2.33 L/min | ≤80 dBA


Waterjet Software

Waterjet Software
FlowMaster Software

FlowMaster Software brings a custom-designed software solution to your workshop that amplifies efficiency with its straightforward interface.

Quick job and design uploads mean more cutting time and less setup, making it the backbone of Mach 200c's smooth and effective part production.

Mach 200c water jet cutter for sale, featuring Flow Xpert software

Abrasive Feed System

Abrasive Feed System
Paser CF900 Abrasive Delivery

The PASER CF900 is designed for non-stop cutting and easy abrasive reloading during extended operations. Outperforming older systems with a 425kg capacity enhance workshop productivity significantly.

A dual-chamber mechanism, managed by an intelligent PLC system with visual and audio indicators, ensures a steady garnet flow.

Industrial water jet cutter Mach 200c with easy load/unload feature

Cutting Head

Cutting Head
Pivot + Cutting head

The Pivot+ Waterjet introduces a new era of precision and versatility in cutting, thanks to its taper-correcting, multi-axis capabilities.

Originating from the innovators of Dynamic Waterjet® XD, this compact head leverages your investment with expansive motion up to 60 degrees. Its IP67 rating guarantees sustained performance in the harshest work environments.

Industrial water jet cutter Mach 200c with Pivot Plus technology

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller
Industrial Chiller

An industrial chiller is highly recommended to maintain continuous productivity. It is specifically designed to cool the pump during ongoing use or in hot conditions, ensuring your waterjet system operates smoothly at all times.

Industrial water jet cutter Mach 200c with chiller


Smart Map
Smartmap surface mapping (opt.)

Smartmap surface mapping is a probe that precisely measures workpiece thickness, adapts to material variation, and adjusts nozzle distance accordingly. This accuracy is crucial for maintaining the perfect distance for optimal mitre-cutting machine performance.

Flow Mach 200c, the best water jet cutter for complex cuts

Control Console

Control Console
Roll Around Console

Boost your operational versatility with the Mach 200c's roll-around console, sporting a 17" screen. This portable unit provides the freedom to move as required, ensuring you have control wherever you are in your workspace.

Flow Mach 200c water jet cutter for sale, delivering rapid speed
Mach 200c water jet cutter for sale, ideal for harsh environments.
Benefits at a glance

The following benefits underscore the Mach 200c's esteemed role as a superior, adaptable waterjet cutting system adept at satisfying a broad spectrum of industrial demands through its forward-thinking design and advanced cutting functionalities.

Versatile and flexible cutting

The Mach 200c is uniquely designed for both 2D and 3D cutting, offering unparalleled flexibility in its operations. Its canted bridge design enables total work envelope usage, distinguishing it from traditional open gantry systems and making it ideal for various applications, from prototypes to production line fabrication​​​​.

Advanced bevel and 5-axis capabilities

Waterjet technology uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through various materials. It is a versatile and precise cutting method that can be used for a wide range of applications.

High speed and precision

With its high-speed motors and drives, the Mach 200c achieves rapid acceleration and deceleration, significantly improving cut times without compromising accuracy. This feature ensures efficient operation, making it possible to maintain high productivity levels​​​​.

Compact design with large format capability

Waterjet technology uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through various materials. It is a versatile and precise cutting method that can be used for a wide range of applications.

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With its state-of-the-art 5-axis cutting head, the Mach 200c offers unrivalled accuracy and durability, even in the most challenging industrial environments. Its innovative gantry design, expertly crafted by Flow, allows you to significantly expand your cutting area, empowering you to take on larger projects and increase your output.

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