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Flow Mach 700 Waterjet


Designed to adapt and excel in any production environment, the Mach 700 defines what's possible in manufacturing and fabrication. From precision cutting across a diverse range of materials to scalable solutions that grow with your business, the Mach 700 is engineered to unlock infinite potential.

Efficiency, accuracy, and reliability - all in one powerful package - examine the details by downloading a pricing guide.

Mach 700: key features

The Mach 700 is an essential tool for high-capacity production settings. It offers unparalleled efficiency and dependability, all encapsulated within a smartly engineered structure that optimises the use of the workspace. This makes the Mach 700 a strategic investment in enhancing productivity and operational excellence.

Industrial water jet cutter Mach 700 for sale
Heavy duty performance

Tailored for heavy materials and large parts, the Mach 700 is one of our premier CNC machines for sale.

Built to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial settings, this flexible machine promises maximum machine uptime and highly efficient production.

The Mach 700 excels with its smooth motion system, ensuring precision cutting on various materials. It significantly reduces cycle times, coupled with fast and nimble acceleration and deceleration, making it ideal for demanding, heavy industry environments.

Dynamic Waterjet XD on Flow Mach 700 in operation
Highly customisable

The Mach 700 is customisable with various cutting head options, including Pure Waterjet, Standard Abrasive Waterjet, and Dynamic Waterjet XD, to cater to diverse cutting requirements.

Paired with pumps like the HyPlex® Prime and HyperJet®, it offers unmatched cutting power. Additional ancillary options like UltraPierce™, Laser Edge Finder, and Closed Loop Water Filtration enhance its versatility, supported by the sophisticated software solution FlowXpert® for optimised operation.

Flow Mach 700 CNC waterjet cutter cutting steel
Advanced Technology

Coupled with Performatec's comprehensive service solutions, including readily available parts, expert training, and dedicated maintenance support, your operation will enjoy continuous operation and reliability with the Mach 700.

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The Mach 700 redefines efficiency in high-capacity production environments with its remarkable precision and lightning-fast performance. It delivers efficiency and persistent reliability; all wrapped up in a cleverly crafted design that makes the most of every inch of your workspace.

I'ts not just a machine; it's the key to unlocking supreme productivity and operational brilliance.

4 m to 5 m table widths
8 m to 24 m table lengths
Vertical axis + bevel cutting
0.1 G Acceleration
FlowXpert Software
Rack & pinion motion system
Table Specs
Ideal Applications:
Highly Specialised Operations
Table Style:
8000 x 4000 | 8000 X 5000 | 15000 X 4000 | 24000 x 4000
TBL. Wt. RATING (kg/sqm):
5 Axis Bevel (DXD) | 3 Axis Vertical (Paser 4) | Dynamic | Pure Waterjet | Multiple Cutting Heads
305 | 610
LInear POS. ACC. (mm/m):
RAPID TRAV. MAX (m/min):
Rack & Pinion
Table Country of Manufacture:
South Korea
Pump Specs
Pump Options:
Motojet 30 intensifier (60,000psi)
Motojet 50 intensifier (60,000psi)
Hyperjet intensifier (87,000psi)
Pump Country of Manufacture:
Pressure hopper:
Optional Extras:
UltraPierce Vacuum Assist
Multiple Cutting Heads
Dual Gantry
FLow expert 3d software:
Mach 700: Advanced Features

The Mach 700  amplifies the exceptional value and efficiency seen in other Mach models, setting a new standard for precision and performance in high-capacity production environments. Explore the Mach 700 advanced features below.


Waterjet Pumps

Waterjet Pumps
Waterjet Pumps

Examine the Mach 700's tailored range of water jet pumps, from the energy-efficient Hyplex direct drive at 55,000 psi to the to the 60,000psi Motojet 30 and Motojet 50, to the 87,000psi Hyperjet intensifier pumps. Each pump is designed for optimal performance and precision, ensuring your industrial cutting projects are executed flawlessly.

Flow Mach 700 water jet cutter with motojet pump
Motojet 30 | 50

Motojet intensifier pumps, engineered for pure and abrasive waterjet cutting, set the standard in dependability for high-volume production environments, offering reliable pressure support 24/7 for large and small operations.

With its diagnostics system, the Motojet delivers real-time performance insights, maximising production efficiency. Its electronic pressure control, comprehensive safety features, and Waterjet Connect™ for remote oversight work together to boost productivity and safety.

Key Specs: 60,000psi | 2.33 l/min | ≤80 dBA

Flow Mach 700 water jet cutter with HyperJet® pump
Hyperjet Intensifier

The HyperJet® intensifier pump embodies innovation with its 87k HyperPressure system, designed to elevate efficiency while simultaneously driving down operational costs.

The pump ensures safety and conservation with its automatic high-pressure bleed-down valve. It rapidly decompresses to 0 psi [0 bar] in under a second upon shutdown. In addition, integrated solenoid valves promptly cease water supply, enhancing water savings.

Key Specs: 87,000psi | 1.67/2.76/5.53 l/min | Dual Pressure Control


Waterjet Software

Waterjet Software
FlowXpert Software

The Mach 700 includes FlowMaster software, but for 5-axis cutting, FlowXpert® is the recommended upgrade. This software streamlines 3D modeling and waterjet pathing, boosting efficiency.

It supports the importation and creation of 2D or 3D designs, automatically fixes geometry issues, and optimises cutting paths. FlowXpert also previews cuts to preemptively identify problems, then directly sends the optimised ORD file to the machine, simplifying the production process.

Flow Mach 700 water jet cutter with FlowXpert® software

Cutting Head

Cutting Head
Dynamic XD

Dynamic Waterjet revolutionised 3D cutting with exceptional precision, speed, and adaptability. The Dynamic Waterjet XD is a sophisticated system that combines 3D capabilities with the renowned precision of the Dynamic Waterjet, delivering a superior cutting solution.

Featuring ultrahigh-resolution motors, it provides detailed feedback on speed and positioning, resulting in unmatched control and effectiveness.

Flow Mach 700 equipped with UltraPierce™ technology

Abrasive Feed System

Abrasive Feed System
Paser CF900 Abrasive Delivery

The PASER CF900 enables continuous waterjet cutting, allowing for abrasive refills without stopping, which is ideal for extended operations. Its ability to keep running during refills and a significant 425kg capacity outperform conventional systems, enhancing workshop productivity.

A dual-chamber design for effective abrasive management and a PLC overseeing levels with visual and auditory warnings ensure a steady garnet flow for uninterrupted cutting.

Heavy-duty Flow Mach 700 water jet cutter with industrial chiller

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chiller
Industrial Chiller

A dual-chamber design for effective abrasive management and a PLC overseeing levels with visual and auditory warnings ensure a steady garnet flow for uninterrupted cutting.

Industrial chiller in corner of waterjet workshop


Ultra Pierce™ Vacuum Assist (Opt.)

Flow's exclusive UltraPierce™ Vacuum Assist technology, perfectly suited for the Mach 700, ensures dependable piercing of fragile and layered materials like marble, stone, glass, and composites.

These materials are prone to cratering, cracking, or breaking under high-pressure piercing, but the UltraPierce™ system is designed to mitigate these issues, enhancing the Mach 700's capability even further.

Flow Mach 700 equipped with UltraPierce™ technology

Dual carriage cutting head

Sludge Removal
Dual carriage cutting head (opt.)

For enterprises requiring rapid execution of extensive cutting operations, the Mach 700 presents an optional dual carriage upgrade. This enhancement enables simultaneous cutting on both sides of the table, significantly boosting efficiency for fast-paced tasks.

Flow Mach 700 water jet cutter for sale with advanced technology

Control Console

Control Console
Roll Around Console

Boost the adaptability of your workspace with the Mach 700's roll-around console, equipped with a 17" screen. This portable console enables you to navigate around your waterjet effortlessly, keeping control conveniently accessible at all times.

Industrial water jet cutter Mach 700 enhancing productivity
Flow Mach 700 cutting through thick materials
Benefits at a glance

These benefits highlight the Mach 700's capability to deliver precise, efficient, and reliable cutting solutions, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring top-tier waterjet cutting technology.

Customised engineering for diverse needs

The Mach 700 is uniquely tailored to suit each client's specific size, application, and weight requirements. With options like the HyperJet 87,000psi and multiple cutting heads, businesses can elevate their production capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Robust operating platform

Engineered for heavy-duty operations, its construction from high-grade tubular steel supports workpiece loads up to 1500kg per square meter. This ensures that the Mach 700 withstands constant use while maintaining performance and durability.

Advanced cutting capabilities

Featuring an optional 5-axis cutting head and Dynamic Waterjet technology with Active Tolerance Control, the Mach 700 offers up to 60° of motion. This provides exceptional cutting precision, speed, and flexibility, enabling users to handle complex shapes and materials effortlessly.

Enhanced productivity with Hyperjet pump

At the core of the Mach 700 is the 87,000psi Hyperjet pump, which increases cutting speed by over 40%, dramatically boosting output and reducing cost per part. This, combined with long service intervals and built-in diagnostic intelligence, optimises performance and efficiency.

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A CNC waterjet cutter for complex cutting tasks.
Heavy-duty Flow Mach water jet cutter in use
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The Mach 700 is designed for facilities that demand the highest precision and productivity from their waterjet cutting operations. Offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, this system is engineered for cutting a wide range of materials with elite performance, including advanced metals and composites.

With core technology drawn from Flow's leading-edge waterjet systems, the Mach 700 is a robust solution capable of meeting the rigorous demands of continuous, high-volume production. Discover how the Mach 700 can drive your business forward by exploring our detailed brochure and pricing guide.