Consistent and hard waterjet garnet for optimal performance

Water jet garnet


GMA Garnet™ stands as the leading choice for waterjet cutting, offering unmatched quality, consistency, and hardness. This superior garnet ensures the fastest cutting speeds, empowering operators to achieve peak efficiency in their cutting applications.

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The benefits of GMA Garnet™

GMA WaterJet Garnet is the industry's leading abrasive for waterjet cutting. This high-performance consumable harnesses the natural strength and purity of the finest almandine garnet and is specifically designed for waterjet cutting machines.

With superior hardness and toughness and a commitment to environmental sustainability, GMA Garnet™ is engineered to maximise productivity while minimising environmental impact. It propels your manufacturing processes into the future with cleaner, faster, and more precise cuts across various materials.

Superior hardness of GMA water jet garnet

GMA Garnet™, forged from the toughest almandine, is up to 30% harder than other garnets, slashing through materials at unparalleled speeds.

This formidable hardness translates to a higher resistance to wear and the capacity to deliver faster cutting speeds, boosting your productivity to new heights.

Optimal angularity for precision cutting

The subangular shape of GMA Garnet™ strikes the perfect balance between aggressive cutting and surface roundness.

This angularity ensures high production rates and superior surface quality, with minimal dust and embedment, redefining efficiency in waterjet cutting applications.

Superior density in abrasive garnet

With a density that surpasses other garnets by up to 20%, GMA™ brings more kinetic energy to every cut, making it a superior choice in abrasive garnet for waterjet cutting.

Shape the most robust materials with a consistent anchor profile and experience a seamless, steady flow that maintains cutting speed and precision,

Durable and resilient waterjet garnet

Exhibiting up to 100% more toughness than other garnets, GMA Garnet™ stands strong against shattering and produces significantly less dust.

This resilience ensures consistent high-quality edges in waterjet cutting.

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GMA Garnet™ features

Exceptional purity and cleanliness

GMA™ abrasive waterjet garnet stands out for its extraordinary purity, significantly mitigating dust production during cutting. This purity ensures the longevity of waterjet machinery by reducing the potential for abrasive dust to clog or wear out critical components. Additionally, the cleaner-cutting environment contributes to better workplace health and safety. These points and much more are why Performatec is a proud GMA™ waterjet garnet supplier.

Uniform particle size for consistency

GMA Garnet™'s uniformity, available in 80 mesh for waterjet and 120 mesh for waterjet, is a product of thorough processing, ensuring that each particle contributes evenly to the cutting process. This consistency is vital in abrasive waterjet cutting as it guarantees a steady, predictable flow through the nozzle, minimising potential disruptions from blockages and contributing to smoother, more precise cuts.

This uniformity is essential for industries requiring high tolerances and detailed work, such as aerospace or medical device manufacturing.

Achieve the fastest cutting speeds with garnet waterjet abrasive
GMA ClassicCut™ 80 Garnet for Water jet
100% Australian waterjet cutting garnet for fast, efficient cutting
More features to consider

Optimal design for waterjet cutting

Specifically tailored for waterjet cutting, GMA Garnet™ balances cutting speed with edge quality. This optimisation is essential for operations that demand both rapid production and high-quality finishes, allowing manufacturers to maintain efficiency without compromising on the precision or integrity of the cut.

Environmentally Responsible Choice

Being a natural, inert mineral, GMA Garnet™ is an eco-friendly abrasive. Its use supports green manufacturing processes, reducing the environmental impact compared to synthetic abrasives or those with hazardous chemicals. The ecological advantage is increasingly important in a market that values sustainability.

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The superior qualities of GMA Garnet™

GMA Garnet™ sets the benchmark in garnet for waterjet cutting with its unmatched hardness, optimal angularity, and exceptional density. Crafted from the toughest almandine, it's up to 30% harder than other waterjet cutting garnets, ensuring faster cutting speeds and unparalleled durability.

Its subangular shape guarantees aggressive cutting with superior surface quality, while its high density amplifies kinetic energy for precise, efficient cuts. Resilient and tough, GMA Garnet™ dramatically reduces dust, maintaining high-quality edges and boosting productivity in every cut.

Waterjet garnet specifications

focusing tube
High speed cutting:
80 mesh (300-150µm.)
0.040" (1.02mm)
80 mesh (300-150 micron)
High Precision Edge:
80 mesh (300-150µm.)
120 mesh (200-100µm.)
0.030" (0.91mm)
0.013-0.014" (0.330-0.356mm)
Super Fine Precision Edge:
120 mesh (200-100µm.)
0.030" (0.76mm)
0.010-0.011" (0.254-0.279mm)

Performatec's Strategically Located Waterjet Garnet Supplies

GMA Garnet™, renowned for its unmatched hardness, toughness, density, and angularity, embodies the "GMA Advantage." This unique blend of qualities guarantees superior, consistent, high-quality outcomes, making it indispensable in sectors demanding precision and efficiency.

With waterjet garnet supplies strategically located across Australia, we ensure rapid delivery so you receive your abrasive garnet for waterjet cutting when needed.

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The GMA Garnet™ advantage expanded

Enhanced cutting efficiency

Using water jet garnet from GMA Garnet™, (known for its high purity and consistent grain size) leads to faster cutting speeds. This efficiency is crucial in high-volume manufacturing, where reducing operation times can significantly increase throughput, boosting profitability and meeting stringent production deadlines.

Superior cutting quality

GMA Garnet™ produces cuts with minimal kerf and an excellent edge finish, which is especially beneficial for intricate designs and fine-detail applications. The high-quality cuts reduce or eliminate the need for secondary finishing processes, offering time and cost savings and allowing manufacturers to expedite the completion of finished products.

Equipment longevity

Despite its abrasive nature, GMA Garnet™'s cleanliness ensures that waterjet components such as nozzles and mixing chambers suffer less wear and tear prolonging their operational life. This benefit is crucial for businesses looking to maximise their return on investment in costly waterjet machinery, as it reduces the frequency and costs associated with machine maintenance and parts replacement.

Superior hardness and quality in GMA Garnet™ waterjet abrasive
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Additional Advantages

Material waste reduction

Utilising waterjet cutting garnet like GMA Garnet™ results in efficient material usage due to the precision of the cuts. This reduction in material waste benefits industries such as aerospace or luxury goods, where raw materials constitute a significant part of production costs.

Versatility across applications

The suitability of GMA Garnet™ for water jet cutting a diverse range of materials makes it an indispensable tool for various manufacturing needs, ensuring that businesses can rely on a single abrasive for multiple cutting tasks. This versatility is essential for businesses that operate across different sectors or offer a wide range of services.

Cost-effective operations

As a natural, inert mineral, GMA Garnet™ is an eco-friendly abrasive that supports green manufacturing processes. This advantage is pivotal as the market increasingly values sustainability. Additionally, our competitive water jet garnet price and our extensive network of waterjet garnet supplies ensure that your business can maintain cost-effective operations.