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Looking for high-quality CNC machines for sale in Australia? Performatec offers a wide range of precision CNC machinery, including laser cutters, press brakes, and water jets. Our cutting-edge equipment is designed to boost your productivity and enhance your manufacturing capabilities.

With expert commissioning, rapid delivery, and exceptional service, Performatec is your trusted partner for CNC machines in Australia. Explore our range and find the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

CNC Machine Sales & Support

Service is everything

Over the past two decades, we've become firmly established and recognised as a cornerstone of excellent quality CNC machinery, extraordinary service and reliable support for small to large manufacturers across Australia.

Our nationwide network of highly-trained service technicians ensures that expert help is never far away. This approach is central to our commitment to providing unmatched service. At Performatec, we don't just sell machinery; we offer peace of mind with every purchase.

We are your partners in reliability and expertise, consistently making a significant impact in the manufacturing sector. Each project we undertake strengthens our promise of lasting partnerships and superior performance.

Industry Service & Support
Australian Owned & Operated
Satisfied, Repeat Customers
Machinery Technicians
It all starts with service

New name. Wider range. Same trusted support. Our commitment to service excellence resonates through every facet of our business.

Thankyou for your excellent service, your follow up is much appreciated. It makes my job that much easier when I can rely on suppliers to do the right thing.

Metal Fabricator (NSW)

We are happy with the high level of customer service we receive from [Performatec], if only all our suppliers were as good as you guys, our life would be much easier!

Brad (NSW)

I'm very impressed with your customer service. Absolutely no complaints, your follow up is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work - you do it well.

Peter (VIC)

Some of the national and multinationals we've worked with over the past two decades

This sample of businesses that have chosen to do business with us is a reflection of our single minded determination - provide service beyond expectation.

CNC Machinery sales, Parts, and Service

About Performatec

We distribute precision CNC equipment, machinery parts, consumables and provide an outstanding level of service across Australia, delivering  a comprehensive suite of practical service solutions and advanced technology.

From delivering high-performance consumables and specialised spare parts to handpicking state-of-the-art computerized numerical control machinery tailored to the intricacies of our clients' work, our commitment to excellence is reflected in every product and service we offer.

The Performatec team is well-versed in the nuts and bolts of the machinery we supply - each member having a thorough understanding of the industry's evolving landscape. This enables us to anticipate your needs and challenges, ensuring that our selection of machinery, parts and service delivers satisfaction.

Broad range

Our curated machinery range delivers precision and quality, empowering your projects with unmatched accuracy and productivity.

Superior tech

Get access to machines built by craftsmen, for craftsmen. From metalworking to stone processing, our machinery is filled to the brim with leading edge tech.


We provide customised machinery sales and service solutions aligned with your unique business challenges and operational success.


We offer robust CNC equipment designed for sustained high performance and reliability in rugged manufacturing scenarios.

Those we work with

Diverse Industries, One Trusted Partner

We understand that an unwavering support system powers the heartbeat of every industry. We are proud of the world-class machinery we supply. Yet, more importantly, we pride ourselves on being the most customer-success-focused company in the manufacturing and fabrication industry.

A partner in a vast array of sectors, each business we serve benefits from our tailored approach to service - before, during, and after the sale.

Steel fabrication with high quality CNC machinery

We recognise the unique challenges and requirements of both light and heavy-duty manufacturing. Our range of metalworking machines, including CNC press brakes and laser carving machines, is renowned for its exceptional quality, unwavering reliability, and unmatched versatility. These metal CNC machines are carefully selected to boost our customers' production capabilities.

We adopt a consultative approach, collaborating closely with you to identify your projects' specific needs. Our team will recommend the most suitable metalworking machines and equipment from our extensive inventory. We are committed to offering the guidance and support to optimise your manufacturing operations and help you achieve your goals.

CNC machinery for fabrication

CNC Machines for precise glass production

With our broad range of market leading, high  quality CNC water jet cutting machines, from Flow USA, the possibilities for glass design are limitless.

From simple geometric shapes to complex patterns and curves, these machines allow you to push the boundaries of what is possible. With computerized numerical control, you gain exceptional accuracy, flexibility, and quality in the final product

Whether you're producing architectural glass, decorative pieces, or functional components, a high-performance CNC water jet cutting machine, paired with Australia's best water jet garnet is an invaluable tool for any glass manufacturer looking to stay ahead of the competition.

High quality CNC equipment for rubber & plastics

Success in the rubber and plastics industry hinges on machinery that delivers exacting precision, flexibility and fast turn-around times.

Performatec offers cutting-edge CNC machines and equipment for sale that meet these critical requirements and back them up with extensive support and service.

CNC cutting machines for the defence industry

The defence industry requires machinery that is not only state-of-the-art but also resilient and dependable to ensure mission success. We understand these unique demands and offer a comprehensive solution beyond selling CNC cutting machines - such as waterjet and laser cutters.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide detailed information on the capabilities of our equipment. We offer tireless support throughout the integration process to ensure a seamless transition and optimal performance of our machines.

Machinery for metal cutting and forming applications

High performance CNC water jets for stone processing

Transforming raw marble, stone, and delicates into intricate designs demands not just any tools but robust, precision instruments - such as the Flow Mach 200.

Performatec is the sole Australian distributor for the renowned brand Flow Waterjet and specialises in top-tier waterjet cutting machines for sale, including waterjet consumables, waterjet pumps, and ancillary equipment solutions tailored to the stone processing industry.

Our dedication extends beyond simply supplying machinery; we embody a proactive and thorough service approach, focusing on elevating your operation from the first interaction to continuous post-purchase support.

CNC waterjet cutter for sheet metal and hard materials

CNC machinery in education: Training & safety

We are dedicated to nurturing the skills and knowledge of future innovators by equipping learning environments with excellent workshop equipment.

Our commitment extends to providing machinery that meets the highest quality and safety standards. Yet, our service transcends mere machinery sales; we enrich it with extensive training programs, genuine consumables, and swift, reliable maintenance services, to ensure comprehensive operational understanding.

Access catalogue

Manufacturing with 5-Axis CNC in the aerospace industry

Absolute precision is non-negotiable in the highly specialised aerospace field. Performatec meets this challenge head-on with a suite of top-tier manufacturing machinery, including advanced 5 axis CNC systems and precise CNC controllers, backed by unparalleled customer support.

We offer comprehensive pre-purchase guidance, extensive training programs, and rapid after-sales service. Our approach ensures not only the outstanding performance of our machinery but also the complete satisfaction and success of our clients.

CNC Laser cutting machines in the construction sector

In the construction sector, having robust, safe, and dependable machinery is essential for successful project completion. CNC Fiber lazer cutting machines have become indispensable tools in this industry, enabling the efficient fabrication of structural steel components.

When sourcing the right equipment, working with a supplier that provides high-quality machines and comprehensive support is critical. At Performatec,  we embody a proactive and thorough service approach, focusing on elevating your operation from the first interaction to continuous post-purchase support.

CNC machine for cutting sheet metal plates
happy customers

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the voices of those who matter most – our customers. Let their experiences guide your decision to join the Performatec family, where innovation meets customer satisfaction.

May we take this opportunity to acknowledge the service level we receive from Mark and David, we touched on this yesterday, however, we feel that we should formally express our gratitude through you, as their Customer Care and Professional Attitude benefits your organisation and certainly gives us machine availability in the shortest possible time frame when we require assistance, Please pass on our thanks for an exceptional Customer Experience.

Michael (NSW)

CNC machinery on display
Fantastic service yet again from the staff at [Performatec] .Heath managed to diagnose the parts needed over the phone, and dispatched them the same day. Less than 24 hours down time, and our machine is back up and running again.

Richard (VIC)

Mach 500 waterjet cutter for high-volume production
Thanks for your help, we really appreciate it! Your company always goes the extra mile, which shows you care about our business.

Corrie (NSW)

Mflow brand waterjet cutting machine
waterjet cutting machine for sale

CNC MAchinery For Sale

Featured CNC machine: Flow Mach 500

The Mach 500 is a tech wonder. This impressive piece of workshop equipment is a prime example of a highly versatile manufacturing machine and is your gateway to a world of high-precision possibilities.

This waterjet cutting machine features a choice of state-of-the-art pump technologies capable of reaching pressures up to 87,000 psi and ensures you're equipped for any cutting task. With versatile configurations and cutting head options, the Mach 500 stands ready to meet your every requirement.

Elevate your capabilities to new heights - click the button to explore the Mach 500's full potential.